As Rector, Jessica’s primary responsibility is to equip God’s people for ministry in the world. To that end, she prepares for and presides at worship services, offers pastoral care and education opportunities, and spends time praying, researching, studying, and talking with others to allow ample opportunities for God to inspire a vision for what God is dreaming of for St. Luke’s. Jessica also serves as a sort of director for the small nonprofit organization that St. Luke’s is, leading the staff and volunteers as we seek to live into God’s dream for our community.

On Sundays, Jessica is focused on welcoming folks who are new to St. Luke’s and preparing for worship. She is happy to talk with you about pastoral issues - both celebrations and concerns - on Sunday morning but if you need to schedule an appointment or do substantial business, email is your best bet. Please text, call, or email Jessica if you or someone in the parish needs pastoral care. Jessica grew up in Southwest Georgia, graduated from Virginia Theological and was ordained in 2006. She has served in various churches in Montgomery County and DC. She lives in the Forest Glen neighborhood of Silver Spring with her beloved middle schooler, woodworker/computer software engineer spouse and as many cats as he will allow her to take in.

To contact The Reverend Jessica K. Hitchcock, Rector please use the form below.