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The Reverend Jessica K. Hitchcock, Rector
As Rector, Jessica’s primary responsibility is to equip God’s people for ministry in the world. To that end, she prepares for and presides at worship services, offers pastoral care and education opportunities... [Read more...]
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Sarah Horick, Minister of Music, Liturgy, and Communications
Sarah Horick, Minister of Music, Liturgy, and Communications: Sarah joined the St. Luke’s staff in Lent of 2016 as the Minister of Music, and then became the Minister of Music & Liturgy in Spring of 2018. [Read more...]
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James Rostron, Parish Administrator
Our parish administrator, James Rostron, makes sure all the moving parts function smoothly: event scheduling, bill paying, bulletin printing, building maintenance, and more. [Read more...]


Deb Marks, Senior Warden

Sarah Hutchins, Junior Warden

Amanda Freeman, Clerk of the Vestry

Sandy Swab, Treasurer

Susie Casson, Assistant Treasurer

Amy Elsbree, Chair of Finance Committee

Veronica Walgamotte, Financial Contributions Officer


Steve Lowe
Kimberly Mathis
Stewart Rouleau

Elaine Hiruo
Catherine Nellist
Peter Stelnyk

Michelle Canick
Kayla Laywell
Theresa Wambach